October 16, 2018

Exports of Israeli Wines to North America Reach $31 Million; Doubles in 5 Years

Tel Aviv…With Israeli wine exports approaching the $50 Million mark, more than half is to North America, according to the Israel Export Institute. Wine exports to North America reached more than $31 million in 2017, nearly double the $16.6 million in 2012. Israeli wines continue to grow in the US market with such importers as Royal Wine Company, which is constantly expanding the number of the wines its imports. Brands like Barkan continued to expand their offerings. Israeli wines are considered amongst the best world wines and do extremely well in international competitions. Sales to the EU are near $12 million but its growth has not been nearly as dramatic as in North America. Exports of fruits and nuts from Israel to the US in 2017 also topped $31 million, growing by $10 million in just two years. If Canada is added, the fruits exports would approach $40 million. A similar number was recorded for vegetables.