August 24, 2015

Expensive Bison is no Longer a Big Deal for Kosher

New York - Glatt kosher bison is available in many fine kosher restaurants, albeit not a cheap dish. There was a time when it was so exclusive that one had to make a dinner reservation at the Midtown upscale restaurant Levana’s (which has since closed) just to enjoy the dish. It has become a big item at Whole Foods and even at such discount stores as Costco. While presumably much healthier than beef, it is also much more expensive than beef. Cable News Network founder Ted Turner, owner of the world’s largest private herd, opened the first of a series of restaurants in 2002 to serve dishes such as bison short ribs and bison meatloaf.

Bison is considered a conservation success story as it was thought to be at one time on the road to extinction. Prices of bison have more than doubled in the last five years. Ribeye bison steaks rose 17 percent. A Buffalo Ribeye Roast costs $26.95 lb. at Aaron’s Gourmet Emporium. By comparison, a grass fed Beef Ribeye Roast costs $31.95.