September 27, 2016

Evidence Mounts that More Non-Jews Eating Kosher

New York - Most Americans eat kosher but may not know it. A good number of the products they consume on a daily basis are kosher certified. Whether cereal, soda or yogurt, there is a good chance that their daily diet will include a significant number of kosher products. Some independent retailers report that they are increasingly seeing not only Muslims who tend to frequent their stores to avoid pork products but also Christians who say they keep kosher. Although these groups are certainly not the engine that drives the kosher market, they are contributing to the strength of the market. They tend to buy items like prepared foods, challah, and Israeli salads. Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples is a Christian who keeps the Jewish Sabbath and eats kosher. Many Christians in the Bible Belt are said to eat only kosher, including Israeli products as their way of connecting to the Holy Land. There are also a sizable number of Americans who buy specific kosher products like deli items, pickles, and horseradish. A Brooklyn retailer told Kosher Today that he sees many non-Jews buying Matzoh, rugelach, and other pastries. One sign that kosher has a good name with ordinary Americans is to watch how many non-traditional kosher consumers stand in line at kosher stands in one of the large sports stadiums, often next to non-kosher stands with shorter lines.