July 27, 2015

Everything including the Kitchen Synch?

New York - Everyone claims to be a chef these days. Not just a chef, but a healthy, organic cooking, Instagram worthy maven in the kitchen. How does everyone manage to perfect their culinary skills while leading lives that are busier than ever? Enter meal kit delivery services, which delivers all the fresh ingredients you need to dish up a delicious, homemade meal without a fuss. Until recently, however, kosher foodies were missing out; there was a great, big hole in the kosher market. Thankfully, Douglas Soclof of Dougie's fame came to the rescue with the Kitchn Synch, the world's first Glatt kosher meal kit delivery service. Servicing customers in NY, NJ, CT, Boston, MD, D.C., and Philadelphia, the service claims "no commitment", "no fees" and "free delivery," with each meal plan delivering three recipes and all the necessary ingredients and seasonings for both main courses and side dishes, straight to your doorstep. Each box includes everything you need to create "the perfect, homemade, healthy, fresh meal" of your dreams.

Kitchn Synch provides beautifully illustrated recipe cards with step-by-step instructions. Customers can cook up a storm of shredded chicken with roasted ramps, and cold soba noodles with miso-grilled steak in no time. “I am thrilled to bring people great kosher dishes they can cook at home and enjoy with their family and loved ones,” says Douglas Soclof. He continues, “Interestingly, there are over 12 million kosher consumers in America, about 21 percent of whom either regularly or occasionally purchases kosher products because they are kosher. Understandably, I saw a missing niche in meal delivery kits for them. But Kitchn Sync is not just for kosher consumers – it’s for anyone looking for great quality, delicious food delivered to their door. It makes their lives easier and gets them involved in a great lifestyle with a healthier alternative.” Kitchn Synch packages are available in a variety of sizes, both for adults and families. Certified Glatt kosher under Kof-K, customers can log onto www.kitchnsynch.com to learn more and start ordering everything including the Kitchn Synch.