March 4, 2020

Evergreen Supermarket to be First Kosher Establishment to Use Vertical Farming

Monsey NY…In a few weeks, the Evergreen Kosher Supermarket on Route 59 will have its own farm, growing such produce as fresh lettuce, kale and spinach. It will be the first kosher establishment in the US to introduce this new technology, developed by Vertical Fields, located in Ranana, Israel. Grown under natural conditions in a container the produce is grown under controlled temperatures, lighting and water. Extremely important for its Orthodox customers, the vertical farm will virtually eliminate the possibility of bugs. “It will be a great innovation for the kosher community not only in terms of cost, but bringing the freshness and experience of the farm right to the parking lot of a major kosher supermarket.” The vertical farm is expected to be functioning by the end of the month. A glass wall will allow customers to watch the process of growing vegetables.