July 29, 2013

Evergreen Supermarket Opens in Monsey to Rave Reviews

Monsey, NY. . . Residents of the rapidly growing Monsey kosher community as well as surrounding areas warmly embraced the new Evergreen supermarket in Town Square on Route 59. Located on what was once the site of Pathmark, Town Square is home to Evergreen and other well known stores like Amazing Savings, Elegant Linen, and Yogen Fruz. Despite many choices for kosher shoppers in the community, Evergreen brought a new dimension to kosher shopping with an efficient store layout and some unique services such as Zoom, an expeditious checkout and delivery concept and Evergreen on Call, a buzzer system that eliminates waiting. Many of Evergreen’s departments are a “store within a store,” including Blossoms flower bar, Warehouse bulk items, Sage health aisle (with on-site nutritionist), Glatt Geshmak takeout, and the Butcher. Other departments include Monsey icons  Zishe’s Bakery and Neiman’s Fish. “Shopping in Evergreen is like shopping in my own kitchen,” said one Monsey resident of 22 years. “The produce is fresh. The prices fit my budget for my family of 8. The staff and services are so intuitive, they know what I need before I know I need it!” Similar sentiments were echoed by the hundreds of first-week customers.