March 5, 2019

Europeans Say that Kosher cannot be Organic in Latest Anti-Kosher Slaughter Ruling

Brussels - Animals can be fed organic feed. They can totally be devoid of antibiotics or growth hormones and still not be consideredorganic. Why? Because they are kosher. So says the European Union Court of Justice in its most recent ruling. The EU requires animals to be stunned before killing, an obvious no-no for kosher. It seems that the Europeans will seize at any opportunity to point out that kosher slaughter is inhumane although it has been proven time and again that the kosher method of slaughter is just as painless to the animal. Several European countries have officially banned kosher. Jewish community sources tell Kosher Today that there is an insignificant market for the organic kosher products in Europe. They called the ruling “a moot point,” but conceded that it is yet another blow to the Jews who live in Europe. They say that each time there is a ruling of this sort it send shivers up the spines of Jews and is responsible for the growing migration of Jews to Israel.