May 20, 2020

Europe an Up and Coming Kosher Market, London Entrepreneur Says

London… Ari Feferkorn is a US transplant who approaches the European kosher market with American lenses. He sees stores that are modern, stock gourmet products from around the world, and continue to expand at a rate of 8%-10% a year. He organized a JTrade show in London in 2018 and again in 2019, both bringing together Jewish entrepreneurs from various spheres. He was planning a KTrade Show for the kosher food industry for May 6th but had to cancel those plans due to the world-wide Corona pandemic. He is still planning to hold the event later in 2020.

While some see kosher in Europe as being on the decline, Ari views it as a growth category. He sees an industry that is upgrading and a demand that goes beyond the traditional kosher market. He has a flair for making people believe, using modern marketing tools to his full advantage. To keep his US constituency connected, he recently published a magazine supplement to Ami Magazine. Ari is betting on a European resurgence which will position Europe as a dynamic kosher market in between the US and Israeli markets. His bet may just pay off.