June 22, 2021

EU More Contentious in Banning Kosher Slaughter; Lectures Jews, Muslims About Religious Practices

Brussels…Kosher consumers in Europe may find it even more difficult to find kosher meat in the not-too-distant future, judging by the latest rulings against schechita by the European Union. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), the EU ``is not only banning some methods of kosher and halal slaughter but telling Jews and Muslims how to practice their religions.” A recent ruling by the EU’s highest court upholds bans in Belgium on producing kosher and halal meat, outlawing a practice whereby livestock is slaughtered without first being stunned electrically into unconsciousness. The 11,000 EU word document suggests that Jews and Muslims should and could find a way to allow animals to be stunned using electricity. Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the European Conference of Rabbis, told the JTA that for the court “to seek to define shechita is absurd.” Goldschmidt rejected the court’s apparent interpretation of electric stunning as compatible with Judaism. Meat from animals that had been stunned by any means, including electricity, prior to their slaughter cannot be considered kosher, he said. With growing Anti-Semitism and unfriendly governments, many Jews from countries like the UK and France are migrating to Israel.