September 8, 2015

From Ethiopia to Greece, Kosher Travel is New Craze

New York - Jamaica. Delhi. Brisbane. Moscow. Japan. Greece. Philippines. Madrid. Ethiopia. Lantau. Italy. Singapore. The world is experiencing an intense travel boom, with a report by the WYSE Travel Confederation estimating that in 2012 alone tourists spent over $217 billion on travelling expenses. This trend has extended to kosher travelers as well, with the number almost doubling over the past five years. Until now travelers who keep a strict kosher diet, have had one additional item on their traveling 'to do' list - finding kosher food. Meet 32-year-old David Avital, Israeli businessman and entrepreneur, who has literally travelled to all four corners of the globe for both pleasure and business. A few years ago David started keeping kosher but found that it was extremely difficult to organize kosher food when travelling to many cities around the world. Although some places did boast a kosher food service, trying to arrange meals from out of the country proved a huge headache. After some investigation David decided to open Koshwhere, a kosher gateway to connect kosher travelers with caterers and kosher food service suppliers. "I like to think of it as the Airbnb of kosher food. A one-stop-shop where one can easily log onto the Koshwhere website, look up a kosher food supplier in their desired destination, browse their menu, order meals, and pay in a few short minutes," says Avital. "It's great because we're saving travelers time and the stress of arranging meals. Travel agents can also now offer a full kosher packaged vacation to their clients, complete with flights, accommodation, tours, and kosher meals."

All meals supplied use the freshest ingredients, are strictly kosher certified, and delivered straight to a desired destination. Koshwhere first launched in March and already has 100 suppliers around the world, from Africa to Asia and Australia. "We have grown immensely in the past few months, with new features introduced every week. We recently introduced group ordering, and are looking to create a smartphone app that is sure to make the ordering experience even easier," Avital explains, "we also hope to move into halal as well sometime in the future." To order kosher meals to your next exotic destination simply visit