October 30, 2018

“Easy Onions” Wins Best in Show Highlighting Convenience

Brooklyn, NY…The choices could not be more difficult as the judges who participated in the 2018 New Product Competition found out on October 28th. The reason: There were so many new and different products. One product stuck out for its simplicity, yet made a statement that kosher consumers were looking for convenience foods. Easy Onions by Bloom’s, which won the best in the Condiment category was awarded Best in Show. Perhaps it was the setting at the Kosher Culinary Center that reminded the judges just what it takes to make sautéed onions, the odor and the teary eyes being just two of the “hazards” of working with onions. But the Bloom’s product simply put the already diced onions in a can and for housewives who so often have to include sautéed onions in a recipe now can simply flip the lid in a can. Yakov Yarmove of the Albertson’s chain, a judge in the competition and a noted kosher expert considers the Easy Onions a sign of a rapidly growing “convenience segment of the market.” Yes, we are all deeply engrossed in some of the recipes found in almost every Jewish publication nowadays, “but we also want it spoon-fed, much like the general market is now trending with such items as Plated, where all the ingredients for a dinner are delivered to your doorsteps.”