October 16, 2018

Dream of “One Stop” Shopping Slowly Fades Away as “Smart Shopper” Emerges

Brooklyn, NY…To prepare for the just concluded holiday season, Mrs. Edna Schwartz shopped at no less than four locations. The wife of a local realtor, mother and grandmother, she rattled off at least four locations that she visited on the days preceding Succoth, including Bingo, Moshe’s, Paperific, and Breadberry. Schwartz like many other shoppers, say retailers, seemed to be more price conscious this holiday season than in the past few years. They say that the “one-stop” shoppers are rapidly diminishing and price remains an important criteria for kosher shoppers. Some retailers estimate that about 30% of their shoppers are store loyal, meaning that they do most of their shopping in their store. But shoppers nowadays have become far more sophisticated, actually pegging stores for their strengths and even avoiding their weaknesses. For example, shoppers may prefer a store for their takeout but avoid buying dry groceries and even refrigerated and frozen. Mrs. Schwartz found huge savings for fish, eggs, and condiments at Bingo but liked the prices of groceries at Moshe’s. Large supermarket chains, like the Shoprite's of the world, find that offering shoppers some good pricing on kosher entices customers to shop the rest of the store. But in many kosher communities where choices abound, customers don’t seem to mind hopping to stores that are only a short distance away. For now, we may be witnessing the slow decline of the one stop kosher shopper in favor of the new smart hopping shopper.