June 17, 2020

Dramatic Rise in On-Line Shopping by Strictly Orthodox

Lakewood NJ…Raizie has been working from home since early March. A part-time agent at an insurance brokerage, she now does underwriting and billing from home. This is, however, the first time that she took home one of the agency’s laptops. Raizie, who has a passion for cooking, admits that she regularly surfs the Internet for recipes (which she says she used to do at work) and now even makes her weekly shopping orders on-line. Many retailers say that they have seen a significant uptick in on-line orders from a population that in the pre-Corona days shunned the Internet at home. A member of a large Chasidic group that forbids having computers at home, Raizie, currently uses her laptop for Zoom conferences with her co-workers and even for an at home school lecture for her 12-year old daughter. She is not sure that she will keep her laptop once she returns to work, but for now it is essential for her to keep her job. The recent change by people like Raizie has not gone unnoticed by kosher grocers and other on-line sites as orders have been coming from locations previously not on their maps.