March 22, 2010

Dramatic Increase in Sales of Kosher Cookbooks for Passover

New York…While an estimated 20,000 American Jews head to hotels all over the world to celebrate Passover, which begins on the eve of April 29th, tens of thousands of people will be celebrating at home with relatives and friends. A survey by KosherToday shows unprecedented sales of kosher cookbooks for the holiday, a trend stimulated by Susie Fishbein, whose Kosher by Design series opened the doors to dozens of other cookbooks, an increased number of web sites that feature kosher recipes, and even blogs, and twitter cooks. A new generation of cook books serves as a way to accommodate both the old word roots of kosher cooking and the new more experimental palate of modern day foodies. No cook book on the market merges these two worlds better then the recently published Passover - a Kosher Collection, by Pam Reiss, a Winnipeg chef. She originally started working in her parents catering company, Desserts Plus, which also serves as Winnipeg’s only kosher grocery store.

Pam always loved interpreting traditional kosher recipes using her singular creativity. She started her career as an author with Soup - a Kosher Collection. Her new Passover book offers sample menus that include everything from the traditional gefilte fish and chicken soup to the more modern cod fish cakes and black currant ribs. She strives to help her readers create a truly distinctive Seder experience.