May 21, 2019

Disclosure Model Protects Integrity of Kosher in New Jersey

Newark NJ…The New Jersey laws protecting kosher consumers are working, albeit that they are far less enforceable than previous laws, according to Rabbi Mitchel Bomrind, the Chief Kosher Investigator in the Attorney General’s Office. Speaking at a well-attended seminar on kosher on May 15th, he and officials of the AG’s office reported on a robust enforcement program which in 2018 led to at least 20 entities being fined with one major chain receiving a fine of $35,000. Rabbi Bomrind walked the assembled through some of the regulations and statutes that protect kosher including the all-important disclosure forms that enable consumers to determine the integrity of the certification. In addition to Rabbi Bomrind, the gathering was also addressed by Menachem Lubinsky, founder of Kosherfest which takes place annually in the State. He also pointed to the state’s role as being the second largest kosher market in the country, and being the home of some of the leading kosher purveyors in the country. The meeting was also addressed by Deputy Attorney Generals Jesse Sierant and Robert Holup. The team of officials responsible for the enforcement of the kosher laws was in attendance, led by Paul R. Rodriguez, Acting Director. Many of those in the audience represented local and national kashrus agencies.