March 19, 2019

Dining Again in Crown Heights

When I grew up in Crown Heights, the pickings were slim for eating out, save for Chopsie’s Pizza and a classic meat restaurant. So imagine how I felt when a client suggested Crown Heights for dinner instead of Manhattan. “Crown Heights has some great up-to-date kosher eateries that are even better than anything in Manhattan,” he stressed. Sure, there is Basil, which I knew from prior visits, Mendy’s, Izzy’s, AllenBi, and more, but we chose Boeuf and Bun. I couldn’t believe how the crowded restaurant on Kingston Avenue could turn the hamburger into a culinary delight. While my partner feasted on the full hamburger and bun, I made do with a hamburger salad, which was part of an extremely well-sized and nicely presented platter, far too much for me to even contemplate finishing.

So amazingly, here I was in Crown Heights just a few hundred yards from 770 Eastern Parkway, the world headquarters of Chabad, and enjoying some amazing food, a really far cry from the Kingston Avenue of old.