June 26, 2017

Online Kosher Recipe Hub, Kosher.com, Is Tapping Into the Home Cooking Revolution

New York - by Devorah Paltiel, KT Feature Editor - The e-grocer Peapod has declared 2017 the “Year of the Home Cook” after conducting a survey that found 34% of Americans intended to cook more at home this year. Led by millennials, this home cooking revolution has extended to kosher cooking as well, with the world of kosher food bloggers and recipe developers exploding. When millennials are in the kitchen though, they aren’t reaching for their well-worn copy of Julia Child like home cooks of old, but rather searching the web on their smartphone or tablet for new recipes ripe for experimentation. In fact, millennials are turning to their screens for every phase of the culinary experience, from researching exotic ingredients and honing their gastronomic skills to plating and presentation.

Enter Kosher.com, a fully-searchable online kosher recipe library where one can search by ingredient, chef, dietary need, holiday or level of difficulty to find recipes that whet their appetite. “We cull from all the top names in the kosher food world – notable chefs, food bloggers, and cookbook authors – as well as from kosher home cooks around the world,” said Leah Gottheim, VP of Kosher.com. The website includes recipes from all the popular Jewish publications and also features professionally shot cooking shows hosted by kosher celebrity chefs and experts. Videos include “Sunny Side Up!” with Naomi Nachman, “Shabbos with Yussi” featuring Yussi Weisz, and “Under the Hood” with Gabe Garcia of Tierra Sur restaurant fame. It also features lifestyle tips and articles, plus videos on table settings and décor with well-known stylists and event planners. In addition, anyone with a passion for cooking and a recipe to share is invited to join the network as a “community chef.”

Although Kosher.com only launched a mere 6 months ago, the kosher recipe hub has already grown by leaps and bounds. “We saw significant growth in traffic around the Jewish holidays, with many first time visitors returning after the holidays to get their kosher recipe fill. It’s incredible, those visitors are not only from North America, but from Israel, UK, South Africa, Australia, and even Brazil,” Gottheim exclaimed. “We are constantly working on new projects and improvements to the site and have just received the rights to publish recipes from the old Heimishe Cookbook, an all-time kosher favorite from decades ago. In addition, we are initiating custom email lists so that one can sign up to receive recipes specifically tailored to their interests and dietary needs, such as gluten-free or Shabbat. When it comes to kosher cooking and eating, anyone looking for information and inspiration will find that Kosher.com really is the most powerful free resource out there.”