August 18, 2020

Despite Covid-19, Kosher Wine Thrives in time for Rosh Hashanah

New York…Kosher wine connoisseurs will be happy to learn that despite the global pandemic, the supply of kosher wines will not be affected for the upcoming High Holidays. Seemingly kosher winemakers and vineyard workers in many grape growing regions escaped the pandemic without causing any shutdown of the vineyards or the manufacturing plants. Kosher wine officials say that not only were the regular mix of good wines produced, but that many new wines will be released in time for Rosh Hashanah (eve of September 18th). Wine expert Gabriel Geller, Director of PR and Manager of Wine Education for Royal Wine Corp, says “an excellent selection of notable and innovative kosher wines is coming to market in time for Rosh Hashana.” Despite the global pandemic most wineries that produce kosher wines around the world never missed a beat with Israel continuing to lead the way in launching new boutique wineries. Ephod, a new Israeli winery under the direction of veteran French winemaker David Suissa, is an example of boutique wineries that are making waves this upcoming holiday season. Ido Lewinsohn, one of a select group of candidates for the revered Master of Wine designation, kept up innovating with two new releases from Segal.

One of Israeli wine’s biggest success stories is Psagot Winery, which recently moved into its new state of the art visitor center. Located just north of Jerusalem in the Binyamin region, the winery has received numerous awards for the 11 wines it produces, including World Finance’s 2019 Best Fine Wine Producer in Israel. Israeli winemakers produce more than 33 million bottles a year. Exports account for 20 percent of Israel’s total wine sales. Israel’s wines have a broader appeal, beyond Jewish customers around the world. Sales of Israeli wine in Asia, for example, continue to grow steadily, and many of the country’s winemakers are keen to enter new markets.