February 4, 2013

Dannon Yogurt Returns with Passover Products After Two-Year Absence; NormanÕs to Produce Greek Yogurt

WHITE PLAINS, NY — Yogurt lovers received some good news recently that the Dannon Company will be producing Kosher for Passover products this year after having missed last Passover season. The products, certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) include Plain Non-Fat, Plain Low Fat, Plain Full-Fat, Vanilla, Coffee and Lemon. 

The OU certifies only a limited number of Dannon products year-round, products that do not contain gelatin. Dannon products that have the gelatin carry a k and are certified by Rabbi Dr. David I. Sheinkopf. 

For those that covet the popular Greek Yogurt, Norman’s will be producing a full line of the products. Norman’s is also certified kosher and Chalav Yisrael by the OU as well as Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, the Nierbarter Rav. 

According to sources in the food industry, Dannon originally maintained that they did not have enough demand for the Passover products but they are said to have been inundated by complaints from customers and retailers, prompting the company to resume its special Passover run this year.