November 10, 2014

Dairy Shelves Become Increasingly Crowded with Popular Yogurt Products

New York…Yogurt is a bestseller in all segments of the food industry but it has particularly taken off in the strictly kosher cholov Yisroel market. Mehadrin, a longtime producer of dairy products recently introduced a new brand Gevina (farms) with a broad range of yogurt products, including the highly touted Greek Yogurt. It also introduced its own brand 80 calorie lite yogurt. Norman’s the leader in the Greek Yogurt category, continues to expand its yogurt line with such new items as Taste, Poppers, soon to come additional flavors of its Greek Lite products as well as Creamy Blended. Norman’s was the first to introduce the Cholov Yisroel Greek Yogurt in 2012 and won an award for the best new dairy product in the show in Kosherfest’s New Product Competition. It was also the first to introduce Greek Lite last year. It is the only kosher producer of yogurt with its own exclusive plant in Rutherford NJ. The increased competition has not only set off a price war in some cases, but also put a squeeze on already tight store refrigerator shelve space. Sources say that Mehadrin is hoping that its new Gevina brand will cut into Norman’s appreciable lead in market share in Greek Yogurt. Retailers say that sales of Greek Yogurt continue to increase at a dramatic rate, often at the expense of other dairy products, particularly breakfast items.