July 27, 2009

Dairy Purveyors Hope for More than ÒNine DaysÓ

Brooklyn…At Glatt ala Carte on 18th Avenue in Boro Park, the kitchens are busy these days preparing fish dishes, rather than its usual compliment of beef, veal, lamb and poultry. The “Nine Days” which end on Thursday night with the end of the fast on Tisha B’Av (Ninth Day of Av) has become a time of year when dairy and pareve purveyors get noticed, a far cry from the dominant meat dishes that are common throughout the year. In Manhattan, such well-known restaurants as Prime Grill, Solo, Talia's Steakhouse, Turquoise, Wolf & Lamb, Clubhouse Cafe, Eden Wok, Estihana, Le Marais, Abigael’s, Mendy's Deli, Mike's Bistro, Café Classico and Mr. Broadway, are offering the meat-free menus as part of the mourning period for the destruction of the First and Second Temple, according to Elan Kornblum, the kosher restaurant “maven" of Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine. A Nine Days Menu includes fish dishes, pasta, sushi, salads, and a range of cheese filled blintzes and knishes. One Brooklyn dairy restaurateur who was busy seating people, many of who waited patiently outside the restaurant, says plainly “each year I think that people will learn that there’s more to kosher than meat and potatoes, but they always seem to go back to meat.” Retailers too are taking advantage of the Nine Days. In Monticello, Shoprite is calling attention to its special display of dairy and pareve items. Jewel Osco’s ad for the Nine Days includes pictures of fresh fish and cheese, according to Yakov M. Yarmove of SuperValu.