August 1, 2016

While Dairy Producers Fight Almond Milk, Kosher Consumers Welcome Alternative

New York - Almond milk is pareve and may be consumed with meat although the Talmud warns against the perception that someone may be eating the prohibited mix of milk and meat together. The popularity of almond milk, says Nielsen, has shrunk dairy milk sales by $1 billion and accounts for 5 percent of the total milk market. Dairy producers are fighting the almond milk craze arguing that the almonds lack the protein of regular milk. Some kosher foodservice experts say that the almond milk would be a good replacement for the non-dairy creamer that is often used for coffee at the end of a meat meal when regular milk cannot be consumed. It is also being looked at as a possible replacement for people who are lactose intolerant or suffer from other allergic reactions to the pure milk. In Israel, “chalav shkeidim” or almond milk sales have soared but significantly not at the expense of regular dairy milk sales.