March 20, 2017

Crusader Pushes for Israeli Wines at Jewish Functions

Chicago - Howard Bernstein is no stranger to promoting Israeli products. From his days as chairman of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, Mr. Bernstein, who owns a merger and acquisition briskness, has pushed the idea of buying Israeli as a way of helping the Israeli economy.  His most recent crusade is to encourage Jews, particularly organizations, to buy Israeli wines. Through his Website and extensive contact list, he has been a champion of buying Israeli and now is on a mission to encourage the purchase of Israeli wines. Says Mr. Bernstein: “Many organizations now routinely serve only Israeli wine at their functions, including America-Israel Chamber of Commerce/Chicago, Jewish Federation, Keshet, Friends of Israel Defense Forces, American Friends of Weizmann Institute, ADL, AIPAC, American Jewish Committee, Israel Bonds, AIPAC and many others.” Mr, Bernstein relates that he and his wife recently attended the annual fundraiser for Illinois Holocaust Museum and Educational Center with Laura Bush as the featured speaker. The event, which took place at the Hyatt Regency and was attended by about 2,000 people, featured only Israeli wines.  He notes that AIPAC served Israel wine to about 18,000 who attend the annual event in Washington, DC.