October 2, 2017

cRc Acquires Minneapolis based Kashrus Agencies

Chicago - The acquisition of two Minneapolis kashrus agencies by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) is the latest consolidation of kashrus organizations in a handful of US cities. In 2015, the OK Kosher Certification acquired Kehilla Kashrus of Los Angeles. While the locals, known as Vaadim, have long sought to remain independent from the national agencies, the reality is different, say kashrus agencies. The large nationals have the resources and the wherewithal to deal with expanding kashrus markets which the locals often do not have. “The cRc has traditionally supported many smaller vaadim by advising their leadership how to better run proper kashrus agencies,” said Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, Kashruth Administrator. “Vaadim have expressed great admiration for the help we offer in a non-competitive way.”

The companies involved are enthusiastic about the purchase, according to Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz, cRc Senior Rabbinical Coordinator. The cRc provides global recognition as well as advanced computer systems for data entry and publicity. Owning the BRK also expands the type of products the cRc certifies. “The majority of cRc companies are in manufacturing,” commented Rabbi Dovid Aronin of the cRc. “With the acquisition of BRK, the cRc now has a greater presence in the retail market.”