July 24, 2018

Corporate Kosher Catering Goes Upscale and Trendy with Soho Platters

Brooklyn, NY…Shimshi Templer likes to use the phrase “good food,” a reflection of a demand by today’s younger kosher demographic. It is a demand that he repeatedly hears in his upscale dairy restaurant, Corner Café. With a soaring number of businesses owned or managed by Orthodox Jews, Mr. Templer along with his marketing manager Kuny Ganz have recently introduced Soho Platter, again a reflection of the quest by businessmen to introduce beautifully presented, exceptionally tasting, and yes, trendy kosher foods. The platters include some of the standard variety like Sushi, color cheese spring rolls, cheese blintzes, Florentine rice and mini sandwiches, just a few of many prepared by Soho. Or, says Mr. Templer, “We can custom make a platter in accordance with the wishes of the corporate order.” The presentation of the foods as well as even the boxes that cover the food represent an amazing transformation for a business hosting a business meeting or an office party. “Even a new business presentation nowadays includes food,” says Mr. Ganz, “so why not professionally prepared and served.” The name Soho is not by accident; it signifies upscale Manhattan food at Brooklyn prices, say the Soho executives.

For the corporate secretary, preparing for a meeting, the new Soho model is heaven sent. Ordering on the Website or by phone, the entire presentation, food, utensils, beverages and more arrive by courier who sets up the buffet-style arrangement in a very appetizing, professional and trendy fashion. A senior executive at Maimonides Hospital could not believe “that this food is kosher.” While Soho now covers the tristate area, Templer is planning to eventually establish mini-kitchens in many locales to facilitate quick hot service. While kosher continues to grow and thrive on many levels, the new Soho model is a major step forward for the kosher food industry (www.sohoplatters.com).