October 30, 2017

Companies like KJ Poultry Use Line Extension and Capacity to Grow Business

Monroe, NY - by Devorah Paltiel, KT Feature Editor - Almost every kosher food company exhibiting at the upcoming Kosherfest 2017 (November 14-15, Meadowlands Exposition Center), is looking to new products to grow their company. Many companies import items from around the world while purveyors like KJ Poultry use their in-house capacity to come up with new and innovative items. KJ’s USDA-approved poultry plant in the Mid-Hudson Valley in upstate NY, is a good example of a leading company that is using its added capacity to expand its product line, referred to in the industry as “line extension.” KJ opened its doors in 2003, and has since become the largest kosher poultry producer in New York with an extensive range of chicken, turkey and deli meat products. Their products are all-natural, gluten-free, low in sodium and free of MSG. “As leaders in the kosher chicken industry, we are committed to providing communities around the country with bulk and retail quality chicken and turkey products,” said Mr. Chaim Oberlander, COO of KJ Poultry. “You should see our plant on a Sunday, it is abuzz with activity to ensure that the grocery shelves are lined with fresh chicken as early as Sunday afternoon. Kosher consumers often complain that on Sunday and Monday the supermarket shelves are empty after the hectic Shabbat shopping on Friday, so we step up to ensure our customers can have a chicken dinner on Sunday night.”

KJ will be showcasing their extensive new line of deli cuts at Kosherfest. The new products were introduced into the market as part of the company’s recent move to bring deli meat production in-house after years of outsourcing. “While we’ve been processing our poultry in-house since the very beginning, the move to produce deli meats in our own plant provides KJ with many opportunities,” explained Mr. Chaim Oberlander of KJ “It offers us the ability to not only ensure that we continue to provide our customers with the superior quality and taste that our brand has become synonymous with; it also allows us to create many new and innovative products with the added guarantees of more competitive pricing for our customers. The products include new Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Turkey Pastrami, Chicken Franks, and other delectable delights.”