March 9, 2015

Coffee Bars Newest Trend in Kosher Supermarkets

Chicago - It has been a trend for many years in US supermarkets where a corner of the store is reserved for a coffee bar, mostly Starbuck’s. Retailers say that the coffee bars make for an easier going shopper who then spends more in the store but they say that the coffee bar in itself, sometimes expanding to smoothies and other beverages can be a profit center. The popular kosher-oriented Jewel-Osco here recently opened a Kosher Cholov Yisroel Coffee bar, according to Yakov Yarmove. All products are 100% Cholov Yisroel and made from scratch plus the bar features a sit down area with free Wi-Fi. It offers Papa Nicholas, a popular local coffee brand. The upscale Breadberry Supermarket in Boro Park made a point of marketing its coffee bar and still touts its coffee as “the best in the area,” Retail experts say that many retailers simply underestimate the importance of a coffee bar not only as a way of positioning the store but as an important psychological tool in gaining customer loyalty. “Wake up and Smell the Coffee” seems to be as much directed at kosher retailers as it is to alert people about changes that they should be noticing.