February 18, 2019

Cleveland Still Left Out as Seasons Resurfaces but Some Hope Lingers

Euclid, Ohio - The specter of having a Season’s kosher supermarket opening here was anxiously anticipated by many customers here. After many delays, the planned Season’s was caught up in the September bankruptcy by Seasons. One Clevelander wrote Kosher Today: “It is a shame that the national trend of opening large kosher independent kosher supermarkets will apparently not happen here.” While several Seasons stores were purchased by Joseph Bistritzky and his family, Cleveland was not one of the stores. Nor was Baltimore which ultimately opened as Kosher Maven by Yosef Rubashkin. Bistritzky, the CEO of the Maramont Corp., is the son of the late Leibel Bistritzky, known for Bistritzky’s Kosher Gourmet Food of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Meanwhile, Seasons appears to be open in Clifton, N.J., Lakewood, N.J., Lawrence, N.Y, Queens and Scarsdale. Kosher Today has learned that the Seasons in Cleveland is owned by Shia Teller. Sources say that he would still like to see a kosher grocery store there but for now there are no firm plans leaving many disappointed kosher consumers.