March 16, 2009

Cholov Yisroel Competition to Heat Up With New Entries

New York…Major changes are looming for customers that covet the higher kosher standard of Cholov Yisroel dairy, KosherToday has learned. A new brand, Machmirim, has already made its debut with milk and is expected to roll out many additional products, including yogurt. It is already being sold at lower prices than the existing products, such as Golden Flow and Ahava. The troubled Ahava Dairies was acquired by Toobro LLC, owned by Menachem and Schneur Bistritzky. The former owner had filed for bankruptcy protection, and the state agriculture department recently shut down the Ogdensburg operation because of contamination of the cheese products there. The Bistritskys are expected to pump new life into the Cholov Yisroel dairy, launching many new products and significantly upgrading the quality of existing products. The clear winner of all this activity will be the kosher consumer.