May 21, 2019

Cheesecakes for the Health Conscious no Longer an Anomaly

New York…Faigie Goodman in her “Something Healthy to Eat” includes a fat-free fancy cheesecake that “tastes like the usual high calorie, high fat and cholesterol laden traditional New York cheesecake.“ She is part of a growing cadre of cookbook authors and other baking experts that are promoting “healthier” cheesecakes in time for the holiday of Shavuos (June 9-10). Cheesecake is a basic staple for the holiday that celebrates the deliverance of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. Surf the Internet and you are likely to find healthy varieties of the commonly dairy-laden cheesecake like the vegan cheesecake. The key, say the experts, is to tease the palate with sweetness that may include coconut milk or maple syrup medjool dates. Pareve (dairy-free) cheesecake have been around for a long time and are even offered as a dessert item in many meat restaurants. Some bakeries are offering a gluten-free version which of course means eliminating the cream cheese. While tradition dictates eating dairy on Shavuos, for the health-conscious avoiding dairy but yet enjoying the taste of cheesecake is in the spirit of enjoying the Spring holiday of Shavuos.