June 3, 2020

Cheesecake in the Rearview Mirror, it’s on to Barbecue Season

Monticello NY…As upstate New York was slowly opening, thousands travelled to New York’s Catskill Mountains for the two-day Shavuos holiday (May 29-30). The Landau’s Supermarket in South Fallsburg was filled to capacity despite warnings by local officials to maintain social distancing. Retailers all over the country reported robust sales of cheesecake, a traditional food for the holiday. A well-advertised shortage of cream cheese never materialized in the end as producers stepped up production. A major new addition was Norman’s that introduced the whipped cream cheese just before the holiday. Kosher food sources are turning their attention to the upcoming summer months with the expectation that it will be a very robust season for home barbecues and vacation homes. At the same time, the sources are also predicting less travel, particularly international travel. Israeli hoteliers are expected to cater to a domestic clientele, already dropping prices by 20%.