February 18, 2019

Charities Build their Purim Mishloach Manos Programs

New York - The marketing of Mishloach Manos packages is in full swing as a large number of not-for-profit charities seek to capture a lion’s share of the lucrative market. With Purim falling on March 21st, the organizations hope to sell tens of thousands of the multiple packages they offer. The organizations compete against the prepared gift baskets sold by kosher supermarkets, major sites like Oh Nuts, even Amazon and the homemade packages. Some young women prefer creating their own themes and involving children in the design and preparation of the packages. Many organizations rely on volunteers to prepare and even sell the packages. Some of the organizations prepare elaborate catalogues that they mail to large mailing lists. But according to one fundraising expert, a good Mishloach Manos campaign can yield at least $50,000 in profit, which makes it extremely worthwhile to embark on such a campaign. Whether Chabad organizations, Keren Aniyim, Tomchei Shabbos or the local yeshiva, the Misloach Manos program is well worth the effort. Perrie, a volunteer with a local yeshiva, says the Mishloach Manos program is a “win-win” for everyone and “fully within the spirit of Purim.” She adds: “It’s an ideal way to involve people in a very worthwhile charitable endeavor and the bottom line is good.”