November 18, 2013

Chanukah/Thanksgiving Combination Has Many Retailers Pushing Both

NEW YORK — A number of retailers reached by Kosher Today said that the unusual combination of the first day of Chanukah and Thanksgivings next Thursday has caused them to take “a two holiday” approach. This means that their Jewish marketing is focused on Chanukah, while their general advertising hones in on Thanksgiving, which is one of the most lucrative holidays in a retailer’s calendar. In a few cases, the latkes and doughnuts are mixed in with the turkey and cranberry sauce. 

“Thanksgiving is always an important selling time even for my kosher customers,” said one Long Island retailer. Regardless, Chanukah is very much in the air as retailers are already stocking dreidels, candles, latkes, apple sauce and more. Many stores launched special promotions this week. In Monsey, Evergreen is distributing Evergelt dollars, which is exchangeable for prizes. In most stores, a special Chanukah display is already prominently showcased.