December 2, 2020

Chanukah to Fall Short of Covid-19 Comeback

New York…The Engels who usually sponsor a Chanukah party for over 30 people will make do with only 11 this year (December 11-18), mostly children and grandchildren “who have antibodies and already had the virus,” she says. What that means is that their shopping basket for Chanukah will be considerably smaller than it has been in the past. Several restaurants and caterers reached by Kosher Today said that they expect a 40% - 50% drop in their annual Chanukah business. Particularly affected will be the traditional office parties, many in Manhattan and other major centers in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. According to some reports, only 10% of Manhattan’s workforce has returned, thus precluding the many traditional large kosher Chanukah parties. Some stores said that they will actually carry less doughnuts than they usually do. There are some exceptions as stores in Lakewood and Monsey say they expect to do at least 80% of their annual Chanukah sales for such items as doughnuts and latkes. One retailer said that the return to normalcy has been a painfully slow process as shoppers continue to do on-line shopping and some still avoid in-store shopping. While there may be a drop in sales of the traditional foods, the stores are fully stocked on such basic Chanukah items as dreidels, oil, and candles. Mostly, the stores expect the biggest impact to be on Chanukah parties.