December 4, 2017

Chanukah Season in Full Swing; Can Early Passover be Far Behind?

New York…The Chanukah season is in full swing. Major retailers are displaying a plethora of olive oils, menorahs, candles, and even toys. Considered the third most lucrative Jewish holiday after Passover and Rosh Hashanah, it is by all accounts the leading gift-giving holiday as American Jews seek to participate in the general holiday traditions of the season. “Yes, Chanukah is about gift giving within the community, but there is also a great deal of cross-fertilization,” said one major supplier of kosher gift foods. If there was any angst amongst kosher professionals, it was that the calendar shows Passover, the busiest holiday season, to be only months away. Passover begins on March 30th, considered one of the earliest times of the year that Passover can fall. As if to remind people just how close Passover is, some production of Matzoh and other products has already commenced and Passover programs are advertising. Some retailers have long since placed their Passover orders. Several purveyors noted that they did “significant Passover business at Kosherfest.”