December 28, 2009

Chanukah Sales Slumped Somewhat, KosherToday Survey Shows

New York…The recession not withstanding, kosher food sales this past Chanukah appeared to have increased by approximately 10%, slightly below the 12% - 13% estimate of 2008. Kosher sources blame the slight decline on the recession. They say that people cut down on the size of their gift-giving. One Monsey store that specializes in gifts said that she definitely saw many people “tone down their gifts.” She added: “If they spent $75 on a gift last year, it was closer to $50 this year”. Despite the general decline in sales, some bakeries estimated a near 20% increase in the sale of doughnuts (“sufganiyot”). The stores say that there was “a lot more partying” this year as more people stayed at home.” Some restaurants also noted a slight decline in sales “but not enough to call it a meltdown,” said one restaurateur.