December 1, 2014

Chanukah a Distant Third to Passover but Growing Each Year

New York…If you are Hallmark, you sell more Chanukah cards than any other religious card. If you are in the gift business and have kosher offerings, your business may have increased by as much as 20% in just the last three years. Chanukah (eve of December 16th)  is the third most lucrative time of the year for the kosher food industry, trailing only Passover and the High Holy Days. With Chanukah parties leading the way, the 8-day holiday which marks the miracle of the one day supply of oil which burned for 8 days in the Temple, will mean increased sales. Almost all sectors of the kosher food store or section experience a higher volume in sales. There are, of course, the latkes (potato pancakes) and the doughnuts which do particularly well but retailers say that they sell more meat than usual during the holiday as well as side dishes, a reflection of the family gatherings that take place over the holiday. Most kosher retailers also stock Chanukah candles, oil, and dreidels. Sales of frozen potato pancakes as well as apple sauce in 2013 rose by as much as 15%, say the retailers. For those who wish to “patchke” (fuss) over latkes there are latke mix products from such companies as Manischewitz, Streit’s and Gefen. Strawberry-filled doughnuts lead the way in the US with caramel flavored doughnuts being a major leader in Israel.