November 30, 2009

Chanukah 2009 Gets a Makeover With More Health Conscious Traditional Foods

New York …When doing a search for “low-fat sufganiyot” (doughnuts) on Google, a search that may seem paradoxical, no less than 9,970 results were found. Even the customary potato latkes (pancakes), come in low-fat versions and even gluten-free. In the past decade, hundreds of kosher gourmet, low-fat, and vegetarian cookbooks made their way onto the shelves of Judaica stores as well as Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other popular book stores. Shmaltz is becoming a passé ingredient, while Smart Beat and Pam baking spray have taken more market share. The chocolate gelt of our youth is still available, but if one has more sophisticated taste, it’s easy enough to find Belgian chocolate coins to snack on over the holiday. In its offerings for Chanukah, Jewel-Osco in Chicago, part of SuperValu, highlights both the Kineret frozen latkes and the Streit’s latke mix, appealing to the many households that will be preparing the foods for the traditional Chanukah parties. At Brooklyn’s upscale Pomegranate, an assortment of sufganiyot is available filled with jelly, or more traditional Israeli fillings like custards or chocolate. The customary potato latkes will be made fresh daily as will the specialty latkes, including such flavors as sweet potato, vegetable, and zucchini. Because it is party season, many supermarkets are offering specials on meat and deli products including Aaron’s and Alle, as is the case in Jewel-Osco. Pomegranate too will be showcasing its prime cuts of meat in addition to the Chanukah fare. Bloggers are taking note of the changes in the palette of consumers, emphasizing that a growing number of consumers want to enjoy Chanukah without the added pounds or the ingredients that are simply not good for you.