April 26, 2010

Changes in Manhattan Restaurant Scene Offer New Options

New York…A new kosher dairy restaurant opened within earshot of the Israeli Consulate on Second Avenue as part of a number of interesting changes. Koshertopia, a blog that tracks kosher restaurants, reported that Lunchbox opened last week at 844 Second Avenue (corner of 45th St.). The dairy take-out offers fresh salads, hot lunch options, sushi and a variety of take-out options. The restaurant is under the supervision of the OK. The blog also reports that My Most Favorite Food moved to 247 West 72nd Street. The original location on 45th St. closed it doors permanently after over a decade of business. The popular Prime Grill restaurant which already has Solo, an Asian themed kosher restaurant, has opened a fusion restaurant of modern and southern Japanese cuisine at a moderate price point. Prime KO is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Prime KO Executive Chef Makato Kameyama, previously of Prime Grill, has created an authentic Japanese menu of steak, fish, and sushi dishes. Prime KO was designed by Warren Ashworth, the man behind Union Square Café and BLT Market, among other notable restaurants. Finally, Shalom Bombay is set to open at a new Manhattan location at 344 Lexington Avenue.