October 20, 2014

Chair Rental Company Expands to Kosher Dinnerware for Caterers

NEW YORK — Amongst the many food booths at this year’s Kosherfest (November 11-12, Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus NJ) will be a significant number that target the growing kosher foodservice business. Ace Party & Chair Rental, long known for its rental of chairs, tables and other furniture for parties, has become an important source for caterers and party planners, particularly when they run out of utensils or chargers. Menashe Teitelbaum’s company provides dinnerware to catering companies under kosher supervision. His son Leibish buys new patterns and assorted sizes of plates and charges to meet caterers’ demands.

To maintain the upmost level of kashrus, he engraves the company’s initials into the utensils so that it doesn’t get mixed up with the utensils from non-kosher hotels where many events take place. Teitelbaum’s staff is trained to check utensils after each event to make sure that no non-kosher utensils get mixed in. They also pick up the dishes and utensils after each party to make sure no dishes are left unsupervised in a non-kosher place. Ace serves glatt kosher caterers in the broader New York/New Jersey area. Mr. Teitelbaum says that the company will be at Kosherfest because he was at the show last year to consider exhibiting and noticed a large number of restaurants and caterers at the show. Menashe says that his informal survey indicated “that 80-90% of the restaurant and catering industry that he caters to attend the show.”