September 10, 2019

Chabad Hosts Thousands of Kosher Tourist in this Summer’s Biggest Travel Season

Bangkok… 2019 will be remembered as the most travelled summer season in memory. While Israelis made up most of the kosher travel around the world, Americans and Europeans were not far behind. In Bangkok more than 1500 Jews participated in the traditional Shabbat meal. The same scenes were repeated in Hong Kong, Venice, Barcelona and many other destinations throughout the world. For many of the kosher tourists, the Shabbat meal was the highlight of a trip that brought them into contact with hundreds of like-minded kosher tourists. Travel experts guessed that a record 250,000 Jewish tourists packed destinations throughout the world with Italy and the Far East leading the way. One travel expert said that he had heard more Hebrew in Hanoi than he did in New York. Israelis also flocked to Orlando and Las Vegas as well as New York.