November 17, 2020

CBD Makes Steady Progress in Kosher Community and at Kosherfest 2019

Tampa, FL…by Eda Kram…Times have changed in the kosher food industry, especially for products like CBD, once frowned upon by most consumers and now considered not only acceptable but desirable. A good example is the success of Proleve Distribution, a US manufacturer of all-natural CBD products, using US grown CBD. Proleve’s products are now sold in stores across the country and around the globe. Proleve offers the highest grade of all-natural CBD products available, allowing customers to enjoy the natural benefits of hemp, worry-free. Unlike many other CBD companies, Proleve adheres to the highest testing and quality control standards to ensure purity every time. From tincture and topicals, to capsules and bath bombs, Proleve’s products are kosher-certified and 100-percent natural for an experience consumers can trust.

“As a leader in the CBD industry, with partnerships both nationally and internationally reaching into regions where our kosher-certification is important, we recognize the value of Kosherfest,” said Jonathan Solomon, Proleve Founder and President. “Being involved with the world’s largest kosher-certified products trade show highlights our commitment to quality CBD products, and we are proud to stand among the long-standing list of companies and vendors that have been a part of it.”

The Orthodox Union was amongst the first to certify CBD, initially for medical purposes.

Shifra and Alex Klein of Los Angeles, after years of struggling to find the right CBD product to treat their autistic son, decided to take matters into their own hands. The result is Mitzva Wellness, the first Kosher Certified CBD brand of products under the Orthodox Union (OU).