October 14, 2013

Canadian Natural Food Producer Looks to Attract Kosher Market in US.

Montreal… The challenge of successfully penetrating the kosher market can be daunting enough these days, but one Canadian manufacturer will be using Kosherfest as his GPS to negotiate his way into the US kosher market. First certified kosher 26 years ago, NaturSource has been family owned and operated for 33 years. For Garry & Trudi Oberfield, launching NaturSource was a no-brainer. They saw an opportunity for no natural alternatives in a market of artificially colored and flavored “health” foods. Mitch Oberfield, Vice President of Business Development and son of the founders, describes his parents as revolutionary thinkers who were motivated to build NaturSource when they realized how many people appreciated their products. “Kosherfest is the world’s largest kosher-certified products trade show, and we want to make sure our products are as well represented in the kosher food industry as they are in the non-kosher one,” says Mitch. As of now, NaturSource distributes only in Canada but they are looking to utilize connections from Kosherfest to launch a line in the United States. NaturSource’s products are all crafted in small batches from the finest ingredients. The company holds high standards on the nuts, granolas, and trail mixes they produce, making sure each one fits with their mission of creating healthy, natural food to fuel energy, nourishment, and inspiration.