March 8, 2010

Canada in Major Push to Export Products to US Kosher Market

New York…byWhile Vancouver was hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the Consul General of Canada hosted a collection of kosher food brands from the neighbors to the North. With the Canadian and US dollars on a more level playing field, the Canadians feel that the time is rife for a major push into the US kosher market. Attracting a who's who of personalities from the world of kosher, the event featured everything from fresh fish from Lake Saskatchewan to premium Canadian beer and even microwaveable bagel bites filled with cream cheese. It isn’t only the dollar exchange that makes the timing so ideal. The Canadians are producing many new and innovative kosher products, many of them certified by the COR, the Kashrus Council of Canada, a major participant in the event. Based in Toronto, the COR represents 900 retail facilities and over 45,000 different products. The Vaad of Montreal has long been an exhibitor at the annual Kosherfest, which takes place this year on October 26-27. As a result of the success of their event at the Consulate, the Canadians are looking to host a major pavilion at this year’s Kosherfest.