August 10, 2015

Campers Learn to Make Choices at a Kosher Restaurant

East Stroudsburg PA - Amongst all of the magnificent experiences a camper can enjoy over the summer at Camp Dora Golding in the Pocono Mountains including Go-Carts, gym and waterfront, Chef Yo’s Restaurant is definitely a winner. On a given night, Chef Yosef Oldak invites the campers to place an order, as they would in a high-end restaurant. They can choose from Mordy’s Mouth-Watering Mains, to Aidel’s Awesome Appetizers, Jonny’s Jolly Drinks, and ended with the Dungeon’s Daring Desserts. The dishes all have fun-loving names like Reuvy’s Resplendent Hamburger, Avi’s Amazing Egg Rolls, Chef Kray’s Crazy Lemonade or Josh’s Jubilant Ice Cream. Camp Director Alex Gold prides himself in out-of-the-box activities for his campers. For foodservice, the summer camps are a lucrative piece of business with some estimates putting the number in the Catskills alone at well over $35 million sans the revenues from the campers dining at Chef Yo’s Restaurant.