February 19, 2013

California Company Markets Dates for Passover

BAKERSFIELD, CA — Atlas Produce and Distribution, a grower and shipper of premium  California grown dates, is offering certified Kosher for Passover dates. “All our dates are kosher year round but we take it a step further this time of year with Kosher for Passover certification” said Robert Dobrzanski, President of Atlas Produce. “The fact that our Medjools are Kosher for Passover give consumers a sweet healthy treat to enjoy.”  

This year Passover is benefitting from an excellent California crop, says Atlas. The Caramel Naturel brand dates is rapidly emerging as the favorite. California is the largest producer of fresh dates.  Dates grow in clusters below the fronds of a date palm tree. The fruit is 1 to 3 inches long, thinly skinned, with plump sweet flesh and a small pit in the center. Caramel Naturel dates and date products are all natural and nutrient rich. They are an excellent source of fiber, potassium and antioxidants and are fat, sodium, and cholesterol free.