December 6, 2010

By Far not a Kosherfest, IsraFood Week in Tel Aviv Offers Just a Taste of Kosher

Tel Aviv…Middle East Bureau Chief…It's not on the scale of October's Kosherfest but the 26th annual Israfood Expo which took place last month attracted several thousands food industry professionals from Israel and abroad. Some 63 companies exhibited at this year's fair including a number of foreign embassies which saw the event as an opportunity to promote their national foods and drinks. Food manufacturers also use the expo to introduce new products. For example, Neptune company known for its spices and sauce mixes introduced a new line of Indian inspired condiments including apricot and plum chutneys as well as lemon pepper seasoning for fish. Many of the Neptune products are distributed to hotels and retain stores in the United States. Products are kosher pareve under the supervision of Badatz Mehadrin (OU) and the Beersheva Rabbinical Authority. And the Freezee, a slush drink is now available in Israel. Freezee officials said that some of the visitors to the expo stopped by their booth and said that if Freezee is in Israel, they can now immigrate to the country. Israel's Channel Seven TV Internet News reports that company officials said that the Freezees have flavors that other similar slush drinks don't have. In addition to their cola, cherry and raspberry flavors they are waiting for the mehadrin kosher certification and kashrut authorization for dozens of other flavors they want to introduce to the Israeli market.