July 21, 2014

Butterfish is Latest Themed Restaurant to Target Kosher Diners

NEW YORK — There was a time that a thriving Jewish community was defined by not only its synagogues and schools, but whether it had a kosher pizza store and even a kosher Chinese restaurant. Kosher diners have long had a love affair with Chinese food and the kosher landscape is dotted with restaurants that offer Chinese food. As the kosher world expanded, so did its appetite for other themed kosher restaurants, Asian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, and Argentinean to name but a few. This week, the first Kosher omakase restaurant opened at The Sony Building in Manhattan at Madison Avenue which previously included the Asian-themed Solo Restaurant.

Butterfish originally opened as a traditional, authentic and affordable Japanese omakase restaurant in April 2014 but it is has just been taken over by Prime Hospitality Group. Butterfish will be supervised under the Orthodox Union. Mr. Joey Allaham, founder of Prime Hospitality Group, was very enthusiastic about the concept of the omakase restaurant he was able to convince Chef Hitoshi Saito to turn it Kosher. Chef Hitoshi grew up as a little boy caring for his family by cooking for them. He trained in Osaka, Japan the city known as "Nation's Kitchen," and was then selected by his colleagues to come to NYC to work as a sushi chef. 

The immensely gifted Chef Hitoshi creates a selection of affordably priced, artfully crafted, new age sushi that delights customers on a daily basis. Unlike traditional sushi bars, where the spotlight is on seeing the sushi being prepared, Butterfish focuses exclusively on superior taste, in order to provide their guests with the best sushi they have ever eaten. Additionally, Butterfish offer their guests the opportunity to dine at “Hitoshi’s Table”, a unique chef’s table experience that will allow Chef Hitoshi to accompany the group and provide them with personal service and it's available by advance reservation only.