January 5, 2009

Bush Administration Ignores Pleas for RubashkinÕs Release

Washington, D.C…Several missives by major Jewish defense organizations for the release of Sholom Rubashkin have been ignored by the Bush Administration, namely Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Mr. Rubashkin, the former CEO of the bankrupt Agriprocessors, who is in a Dubuque, IA jail on bank fraud charges, has been denied bail largely because of the government’s argument that he is a flight risk. What particularly incensed the Jewish defense agencies was the prosecution’s use of Israel’s Law of Return as the reason for denying Mr. Rubashkin bail. In letters to the Attorney General by Agudath Israel of America and the Anti-Defamation League, the organizations voiced concern that the use of the Law of Return in effect targeted all 5.3 million American Jews. Agudath Israel asked the Attorney General to advise all U.S. attorneys not to use the Law of Return as a reason for denying bail to Jews. But sources told KosherToday that Mr. Mukasey has apparently decided to defer any decisions on the matter to the incoming Obama administration. KosherToday has learned that a delegation of leading Orthodox Jews officials is planning to visit Mr. Rubashkin. Meanwhile, rumors continue on the identity of a possible suitor for the bankrupt Agriprocessors. The latest name to emerge out of Israel is Sogolwek, a family business that grew to become a major producer of a wide range of meat products as well as meat substitutes and vegetarian products. Soglowek has five plants throughout Israel and three logistics centers. Under the ”ZOGLO’S” brand, the company exports its vegetarian products and other selected products via representatives in 15 countries worldwide, including Canada, U.S., Australia, and many countries in Europe.