July 28, 2020

Building a Kosher Gift Business by Disabled at Kosherfest

New York…by Eda Kram…Yachad Gifts is a subsidiary of Yachad, a global organization dedicated to the needs of Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in Jewish life. Yachad Gifts produces kosher gift baskets that are put together by people with developmental disabilities. Most are volunteers; some get paid to sell the gift baskets in their store and through their website. The store sells a variety of themed kosher gift baskets which in the last few years are also sold on their website. Yachad Gifts says its kosher gift basket program is part of their mission which includes providing vocational training and employment to individuals with developmental disabilities. The Yachad Gifts members work in the gift basket hub in Brooklyn and perform such tasks as stocking inventory, production, packaging, shipping, data entry, sales and customer service.

"The Jewish Union Foundation (JUF) launched Yachad Gifts in 2013 as an opportunity for individuals with various abilities to find meaningful training and employment. Yachad Gifts offers an exceptional assortment of gift baskets for all occasions. When one orders from Yachad Gifts, they not only purchase a gift of high quality, but are making a significant contribution to a much greater goal; giving an individual with a disability the opportunity at competitive employment. Kosherfest enables us to showcase our beautiful products and highlight our mission." The organization clearly credits Kosherfest for exposing its program and the products to a large audience. They look forward to Kosherfest 2020 to take Yachad Gifts to the next level.